The Sexy Way to Lose the Weight!

Lose weight naturally without deprivation, dieting or exercise.



What do you do when you are done with conventional dieting, but you still want to lose weight?

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You are a smart women who wants to lose weight naturally - without having to obsess over diet and exercise.

You know from experience that conventional diets don’t work in the long term and you are just so done already with the deprivation anyway. The trouble is, you don’t know what else to do. You’d gladly adopt a diet that works if it was simple, nourishing, natural, pleasurable, satiating, decadent and most importantly doable! If only you had someone by your side to show you how and guide you on the path.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to….

  1. lose weight without giving up the rich sweet creamy comfort foods you love - exercise is optional
  2. lose more than just the weight, but get your health back too (think more energy, beauty and happiness)!
  3. achieve permanent weight loss while eating more decadently than ever (eat like a queen - without putting on the pounds)!!
  4. learn how to lose weight naturally, sustainably, pleasurably and permanently…. - no pills, shakes or bars - no deprivation or portion control - best of all no counting calories, carbs, protein or fat grams - and exercise is optional!

The Delish Diet approach is perfect for you if…

  • you want to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation
  • you are committed and willing to make permanent changes to reap permanent results
  • you are health conscious, but a little bit of a rebel….you want your diet to be sinfully delicious!

Featured E-Courses 

The Delish Diet offers three core e-course programs, each flowing into the next, designed to give you the knowledge for achieving permanent weight loss. 

Delish Diet Masterclass Series

 Understand why you haven't been able to lose weight and how you can.  

Learn the 12 key secrets to losing the weight step by step.  Determine your particular point on the journey and know exactly what to do next! 

Get Unstuck!

Delish Diet Deep Cleanse

Stop Inflammation, Heal Your Gut and Balance Your Hormones to Eliminate Your Weight Loss Blocks

Cleanse to heal weight loss resistance & acheive optimal health! Lose 15lbs in 3 weeks (this is not a starvation diet, it is a healing one)!

Drop 15 lbs!!

Delish Diet Immersion

self study e-course with monthly live-stream Q & A's

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know for natural, pleasurable, steady, sustainable and permanent weight loss.

Immerse Me!

Delish Logo.jpgHow to Get Started

Start with the Masterclass, dive into the Deep Cleanse or take the Delish Diet Immersion e-course for everything you need to learn and implement to keep the weight off permanently. What you invest in each program is automatically applied to the next level training to reward you for your commitment to go all the way! You can work your way up 1 program at a time or go straight to Delish Diet Immersion e-course and get the Delish Diet Masterclass and Delish Diet Deep Cleanse included as BONUSES. 

Not sure where to start? Book a 'Slim, Sexy & Satisfied' session to find out where you should start!

Put pleasure back on your table with the Delish Diet deprivation free approach to permanent weight loss!

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Sherry's work has been featured on numerous tele summits including The Holistic Weight Loss World Summit alongside famous health guru’s like Marc David, Marianne Williamson, David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis and Dr. Gabriel Cousins.

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Here's why the Delish Diet is the world's most holistic diet program...

  • we take an inside out approach (mind, body & emotion)
  • it's a lifestyle, not a diet in the conventional sense
  • you get more than just weight loss, you get your health back too
  • it's natural and intuitive (no counting stuff)
  • you lose more than just the physical weight, but the emotional weight too
  • we uncover the mental, emotional and spiritual cause of your symptoms to isolate what your body is trying to tell you by holding on to fat (your body speaks your mind too)
  • we use your weight loss journey as a catalyst to transform your life 

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